7 Ways to (Sustainably) Stay Cool This Summer

7 Ways to (Sustainably) Stay Cool This Summer

7 Ways to (Sustainably) Stay Cool This Summer

Summer heat got you down? We've all been there! (Well, maybe not all of us - I'm looking at you, Alaska.) But for those of us in warmer climates like NYC, summer heat can be hard to beat. 

Read on to find out 7 ways you can keep cool this summer without harshly impacting Mother Earth. 

Sunlight pouring in bedroom window

1. Close the shades.

Avoid the greenhouse effect! Close your shades to keep sunlight from pouring in and heating up your bedroom.

Small fan on side table

2. Use a fan.

Instead of blasting the AC, keep it at a lower setting and add a fan in small spaces, like bedrooms and bathrooms. This tip can make a world of difference both in energy consumption and temperature!

Charging cords

3. Unplug unused chargers.

Try to get into the habit of unplugging any unused chargers before leaving for work in the morning, or heading to bed. 

Outlet strip on wall

4. Switch off power strips.

Similar to #3, an easier way to eliminate unnecessary electricity: simply flip the switch on your power strip to disconnect multiple chargers at once!

Microwave oven

5. Avoid the oven.

If you can help it, try to stick to using a toaster oven or microwave as much as you can. This way, your AC won't have to work overtime to keep a consistent temperature.

Bedside plant

6. Cool your room with plants!

Did you know that plants consume hot air through respiration and add water vapor to the air through transpiration? This increases humidity and can cool down the room!

The Ada Top

7. Get the right gear.

And finally, a shameless self-plug. Polyethylene fabrics used by fast fashion brands aren't breathable and can trap heat, making you feel warmer - Up Sportif's loungewear is crafted with BCI cotton to keep you cool and dry. For some 100% cotton pieces, check out the Augusta Sweatshirt, the Ada Top, or the Joggeuse bottoms in Heather Grey.

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