Sustainable Spotlight: Alohas Footwear

Sustainable Spotlight: Alohas Footwear

This round of "Sustainable Spotlight" features footwear brand Alohas!

Alohas offers all kinds of sustainably produced womens' footwear. One of the ways they do this is by using a preorder system - Alohas incentivizes their customers to pre-order shoes for the following season in order to eliminate the risk of overproduction. 

Pair of western style Alohas boots

Image Source: Alohas Website


Alohas also offers the opportunity for consumers to donate to various causes to reduce the carbon footprint of the e-commerce industry: "You may add 2 euros or more to your shopping cart at the time of purchase and then decide what cause this amount should be destined to. Active projects currently include native forest regeneration and international renewable energy projects. Both fall under the umbrella of fighting climate change, bringing you one step closer to responsible shopping."

If you're in the market for a new pair of summer heels, check out Alohas for a responsibly-crafted, eco-friendly pair of kicks.

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