5 Sustainable Alternatives to Amazon.com

5 Sustainable Alternatives to Amazon.com

Amazon may be one of the most ultramodern, vast shopping platforms on the planet...but what's it doing to our planet? Dubbed "the Prime effect", Amazon's impact on our physical world is just as immense as its impact on the world of e-commerce.

Want to get away from Amazon, but not sure where else to shop? Check out our list below for 5 great Amazon alternatives that are friendly to Mother Earth. 


1. Thrive Market

Array of products from Thrive Market.
Are you an Amazon grocery shopper? Thrive Market is "organic without overpaying." From vitamins to snacks to skincare, Thrive offers a broad range of eco-friendly, organic products for a slow lifestyle.

2. Made Trade

Silverware and various home goods staged on a table.

Do you find yourself leisurely browsing Amazon every night in order to satisfy your latest home decor obsession? We'd suggest checking out Made Trade, a sustainable marketplace that brings all of "the best ethically made and sustainably sourced goods to one place." 


3. HiveBrands.com

Assortment of products next to box that reads "Hive"

HiveBrands.com is "an ecosystem of people, brands, and causes working together to create a more equitable and sustainable world." They exclusively offer domestically sourced products with recyclable packaging, ranging from kombucha to pet food!


4. Ecoroots

Various wooden bathroom tools.

You decide to deep clean & organize your entire house, and your obvious first (and necessary) step is a cleaning product shopping spree...sound familiar? Ecoroots, an eco-friendly online marketplace, was created to "empower people by making it easy and convenient [for them] to reduce their impact." They offer vegan, low-waste self-care and home care products. 


5. Etee

Etee products

Last but not least, Etee is "your plastic-free home", offering plastic-free, environmentally-friendly products. Even their packing tape is commercially compostable!


Let us know if you try out any of these sustainable marketplaces in the comments below - the environment will thank you.



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