What makes your garments sustainable?

Please refer to our 'Sustainability' page for detailed information.

What is reclaimed fabric?

Unused fabric rolls that are doomed to be thrown into garbage bins or landfills due to excess manufacturing.

What is ethical manufacturing?

Ethical manufacturing is a holistic approach to the manufacturing process that focuses on good health for all involved. Ethical businesses care about every part, every facet, of their company. From production to the customer, ethical businesses manufacture safe products safely.

Why is your collection reasonably priced?

Because we adopt 'sustainability' not only in our design and manufacturing but across our business practices.  We know that we will be long-term partners  if we offer the value as well as the principles.

Why do you carry limited quantities of each style?

We do not make fabrics from scratch. We utilize premium fabrics that have been produced in excess, therefore, we have limited resources for each fabrication. Unlike fast fashion companies, we keep a small inventory. Once we run out of a style, it's almost impossible to replenish it in the same fabrication or colors. So, if you like something, we suggest that you get it sooner than later.