#SlowNewsSummary: Slow fashion can actually make you happier, FTC’s possible Green Guides revision, + more

#SlowNewsSummary: Slow fashion can actually make you happier, FTC’s possible Green Guides revision, + more

     This month, we're talking high-tech washing centers, stricter consequences for greenwashers, and one study's fascinating findings on the relationship between happiness and slow fashion. Your April 2023 #SlowNewsSummary is here! 

     First up: Can slow fashion actually make you happier? Conversely, is it possible that fast fashion contributes to feelings of depression? According to researchers at De Montfort University Leicester, the answer is…maybe. Designers Emily Baines and An Liu teamed up with psychologist Lis Ku to conduct a study in China on 700 subjects, and are currently working on launching a study in the UK to see if their findings remain consistent in Western shoppers.

“There have been lots of studies which look at the consumption of fashion, but there are few which include the psychological aspect,” explained Dr Ku.

     Read all about the study here.

     Heads up, greenwashers: the FTC is considering updating its Green Guides for the first time since 2012. Throughout the past 10 years, sustainability has evolved into an earth-shaking movement adopted by both company and consumer. We’ve seen tens of thousands of new, sustainable products emerge over this time: eco-friendly toothbrushes, coffee beans, and even dog food. This is great news for those of us who practice slow living - but with a newfound global emphasis placed on sustainability, also comes greenwashing. The FTC is considering cracking down on companies who greenwash. Learn more here.

     Lastly, the UK’s very first sustainable denim wash facility was born in East London last month. Blackhorse Lane’s Denim Wash Lab and Innovation Hub boasts two monstrous, ultra-efficient specialized washing machines created by Italian denim machinery company Tonello. Blackhorse Lane Ateliers (BLA) is London’s only craft-jeans maker. According to FashionUnited.uk, standard denim washing uses 70 to 100 liters per wash, along with tons of chemicals and stones, while the Tonello system at BLA’s Denim Wash Lab and Innovation Hub utilizes the power of oxygen during its wash process. The impressively innovative system can ‘wash’ 12 pairs of jeans in 4 liters of water. Read more about it here.

     From greenwashing to an actual washing hub, April was chock-full of advancements in sustainability. Tune in next month to stay up-to-date with all things eco!


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